Our Values

Passion, Value and Partnership are at the heart of our business.


Passion means ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It’s our engine and the positive attitude and enthusiasm of all our associates who approach each day smiling and projecting a positive image – believing that work is fun!


Value is the heart of our business and we strive to add value in everything we do. It is more than just product, it is the way we serve the business, each other and our customers. Value is about doing more than what is expected or required.


Sharing the ownership and success of our company with all our associates and fostering solid and long-term relationships with our suppliers.

The Investment Case


Return On Equity

8.9% JSE Top 40

9.3% Competitors

Return On Assets

2.0% JSE Top 40

9.3% Competitors

The Group has held market leading metrics for an extended period of time

Performance and returns

*FY2020 for comparable purposes. Competitors: Average of WHL, TFG, TRU, PEP.

Our Divisions


“Doing good business now facilitates doing better future business.”

Join us

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