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we aim to build a business that will last

Our sustainability journey is anchored in the very purpose of the business - to add value to the lives of our customers and worth to our partners’ lives, while caring for the communities and environment in which we operate.

Meaningful partnerships are crucial to a sustainable and responsible business.  We are proud of the positive impact that we’ve had on so many lives over the years, from building long-term relationships with key suppliers to sharing ownership and company success with our associates. Through our fashion-value products, we add value to the lives of our customers and invest in the communities in which we operate. 

We recognise that so much more can be done if we take hands, so we hope you’ll join us as we journey towards a more sustainable future together - "together we do good."

together we do good - our community
we aim to build a business that will last

Through the outworking of our core values, we strive to add worth to our partners’ lives by being a good community member. 

Since 2006, we've supported MRP Foundation's vision to break the cycle of poverty and inequality in Africa.

10728 new jobs

Over R153 Million has been invested into MRP Foundation programmes since 2006.

10728 new jobs

The MRP Foundation’s Jump Start  programme has upskilled over 22,188 unemployed youth with 10,278 of the young people finding jobs both in Retail and Clothing, Footwear and Textile manufacturing sites.

348647 kids impacted

MRP Foundation’s education programmes have impacted over 348,647 learners.

together we do good - our planet
our planet

We’re committed to leaving a lighter footprint for future generations by reducing the environmental impact of our business operations and products. 

Improvements to business processes efficiencies reduce the harmful impact and wasteful use of precious natural resources. 

40.7 million kwh of power saved

Since 2013 the Group’s carbon footprint has been reduced by approximately 40.7 Million KWh (40,446 tons CO2 emissions).

over 10000km of paper saved

A Paperless Admin project saved approximately 3 million sheets of A4 paper and electronic till slips have saved over 1000 km of paper.

40.7 million kwh of power saved

Together with the Southern African Sustainable Cotton Cluster, we pioneered the improvement of environmental standards and created a positive socio economic impact through cotton production in South Africa.

 together we do good - our economy
our economy

We strive to steward and share resources responsibly and work towards unlocking wealth and value for all our stakeholders, while supporting the local economies where we operate.  

xxx of local cotton

Mr Price Group has been the lead retailer in the establishment of the Southern African Sustainable Cotton Cluster in 2013, and has procured 6,831 tons of local cotton beneficiated through a Southern African Value Chain since 2014.

over 10000km of paper saved

Partners in the Mr Price Share Scheme hold 4.5m shares and received dividends of R22.3m during the F2017 year.

together we do good - our transformation
we aim to build a business that will last

We’re passionate about driving social and economic transformation in a way that is both meaningful and sustainable and we are committed to meeting the requirements of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) in South Africa, under the Revised Codes of Good Practice.

level 8 b-bbee compliance 

The Group achieved the targeted Level 7 Compliance in FY2019.

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