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Our Values

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Passion means ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It’s our engine and the positive attitude and enthusiasm of all our associates who approach each day smiling and projecting a positive image – believing that work is fun!

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Value is the heart of our business and we strive to add value in everything we do. It is more than just product, it is the way we serve the business, each other and our customers. Value is about doing more than what is expected or required.

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Mutual respect is integral to the culture of the group. We therefore refer to our co-workers as “associates” and, once they own shares or share options, they are referred to as “partners”. Partnership is sharing the ownership and success of the company with all our associates and fostering solid and long-term relationships with our suppliers. Without our customers, we would not have a business, and they are one of our most valued partners. We also partner with communities, by investing in strategic initiatives that will improve the lives of those who are less fortunate, particularly children and youth.

Competitive Edge

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Wanted items at EveryDay Low Prices

We satisfy our customers' need for fashion through:

  • Specialist trend teams, frequent international travel and thorough research.
  • Active dialogues through social and digital media.
  • Responding to customers’ changing fashion needs.
  • Product testing before making significant merchandise commitments.
  • Slow moving merchandise cleared to make way for fresh, new merchandise.
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Lower mark-ups and selling higher volume to offer excellent value

Low overhead structure and leading operating margins support:

  • Quality and fashion offered at the best price Lower mark-ups in order to offer EveryDay Low Prices.
  • Large order quantities and higher sales volumes to keep input prices low.
  • Retailing own branded merchandise.
  • Maintain balance by including costs for future growth, often ahead of revenue generation.

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Remaining a cash driven retailer with cash sales > 80% of total sales

A high cash sales component means:

  • Less impacted by the cyclical nature of retail.
  • Not dependent on credit to drive sales, particularly during poor economic times.
  • Less exposure to bad debt.
  • Able to fund future growth without incurring debt.
  • Strong cash flows will support future growth and maintain an appropriate dividend payout ratio.

Omni-channel retailer

Store footprint

Group E-commerce Performance

The Investment Case


Return On Equity

8.9% JSE Top 40

9.3% Competitors

Return On Assets

2.0% JSE Top 40

9.3% Competitors

The Group has held market leading metrics for an extended period of time

Performance and returns

*FY2020 for comparable purposes. Competitors: Average of WHL, TFG, TRU, PEP.

Group Performance


  • Included in FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Top 30 Index
  • Included in the Dividend Plus Index
  • Highest ranked apparel retailer in JSE Top 40
  • 21st most valuable brand in SA (Kantar Millward Brown)